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n Functional Polymer Group
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Developmental and technical information

Techpolymer, characterized by spherical particles, is used as a lubrication enhancer for powder and liquid foundation. Techpolymer can be added to make it easier to apply cosmetics smoothly, cover up wrinkles, and change their texture. Porous particles are usable as absorber, and elastic particles providing a soft feel are also available.

Nonspherical particles (LMX series)

Nonspherical particles (LMX series) have a higher light diffusing effect, compared with spherical particles. When applied to cosmetic products, it will make the uneven skin smooth and cover up wrinkles by diffusing light in various directions (soft-focus effect).

Main grade

n MB-C series

n MBP series

MB-C series is spherical particles of polymethyl methacrylate from which residual monomers are removed by high purification. Because of spherical particles, it can be used as a filler for foundation.
* JCIC met
Can be widely used as an absorbent for oil and drug with a characteristic of porous particles of the cross-linked polymethyl methacrylate. Pore size and specific surface area are adjustable depending on customer's needs.
Grade Mean particle size (μm)
MB-4C 4
MB-8C 8
Specific surface area: 85 m2/g
Pore size: 200
Amount of oil absorbed: 140 ml/100 g
Grade Mean particle size (μm)
MBP-8 8

n MBX-C series

n ACX series

MBX-C series is spherical particles of cross-linked polymethyl methacrylate, from which residual monomers have been removed by high purification.
ACX series is particles of cross-linked polyacrylic ester that are softer and more elastic than MB-C series.
They can be added to foundation or face powder to give a soft and gentle texture.
* Approved for JCIC (Before-use samples can be provided.)
Grade Mean particle size (μm)
MBX-8C 8
Grade Mean particle size (μm)
ACX-806C 8
ACX-1502C 15

n ACP series (Under development)

n LMX series (Under development)

ACP series is porous particles of cross-linked polyacrylic ester, providing soft feel and good oil absorption.
Grade Mean particle size (μm)
ACP-8C 8
LMX series is nonspherical particles that has a unique optical property and provides a special feeling. Aspect ratio is adjustable within a fixed range.
SEM picture

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