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Specific applications

Techpolymer can be added to make it easier to apply cosmetics smoothly and change their texture.

- By using MB-C and MBX-C series, you can obtain smooth & silky lubrication.
- The ACX series gives a creamy texture. Its elasticity helps maintain the spherical shape when cosmetics are applied or pressed down, with a combination of softness and lubricity.
- MBP-8 and ACP-8C are porous, giving a good texture and the ability to absorb oil. ACP-8C has elasticity, helping to hold oil and giving a soft feel.

Depending on the grade, Techpolymer has different oil absorption property. Please try various grades into your formulation.

The newly developed LMX series has a unique shape which gives a unique texture. We hope that this shape wil provide good light diffusion effect for soft focus. All the Techpolymer series have different light diffusion properties. For details of the different light diffusion properties, please contact us.



Examples of use
- Powder foundation
- Liquid foundation
- Lipstick
- Concealer
- Skin care lotion
- Face powder, etc.

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Developmental and technical information Specific applications Q & A
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