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Q & A

Q1. How much are the refractive indices of Techpolymer and ordinary resins?

A1. Following are the refractive indices of such ordinary resins as PMMA, polystyrene, and polycarbonate, and those of Techpolymer by grades.
Resin Refractive index
PMMA 1.49
PS 1.59
PC 1.59
Diffuser Refractive index
MBX series 1.49
SBX series 1.59
MSX series 1.49 - 1.59 (Adjustable)

Q2. How wide are the adjustable range of refractive index of Techpolymer and what happens after tuning?

A2. The refractive index is adjustable between 1.49 and 1.59. Particles with higher or lower refractive indices than the range are under development. The greater the difference in refractive index between base resin and Techpolymer is, the higher the light diffusion is.

Q3. What grades are there by particle shape and size?

A3. For shape, Techpolymer comes up in spherical, porous, and nonspherical grades. For size, the mean particle size is between 2 - 200 μm. Production of larger and smaller particles than such particles is technically possible. Please consult.

Q4. How is the size distribution of Techpolymer?

A4. Size distribution is controllable. S and SS series have a sharper distribution than the standard type. Please contact.

Q5. How about the solvent resistance of Techpolymer during use?

A5. Solvent resistance depends on solvent but is often good. Grades with higher solvent resistance are available upon request.

Q6. Can the heat resistance of Techpolymer be increased?

A6. The heat resistance of particles can be improved, to suit the conditions and environment in which they will be used. Size distribution graph  MBX-15S


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