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Developmental and technical information

Vanishing binder

Techpolymer IBM-2 is a methacrylic resin with good heat decomposition properties in a non-oxidative atmosphere. It can be used for binders that do not leave carbide when sintered. It has good solubility in a range of solvents, and the viscosity can be adjusted to suit your purposes.

n Description

Appearance White particles
Particle size 0.1 - 0.8 mm
Volatile matter (145 ºC × 1 hr) Not more than 0.5 % by weight
Glass transition point (Tg) 72 ºC
Molecular weight (Mw) 75 × 104
Solubility Soluble in organic solvents such as terpineol, MEK, and toluene.

n Heat decomposition properties

Heat decomposition of Techpolymer IBM-2

Decomposition of Techpolymer IBM-2 starts at low temperature, and decomposes completely at approximately 400 ºC.

n Solubility properties

Solubility in different solvents
(Ο: Freely soluble, Δ: Slightly soluble, ×: Insoluble)


Ceramic porous materials

You can use the spherical particles to form pores in a ceramic, selecting the particle size to suit your purposes. The pores can be adjusted as necessary given the particle size by mixing the Techpolymer and ceramic powder, molding, and burning.

n Example of grades

MBX series
Composition: Cross-linked polymethyl methacrylate
Grade Mean particle size
Degree of cross-linking
MBX-5 5 Standard
MBX-8 8 Standard
MBX-12 12 Standard
MBX-20 20 Standard
MBX-30 30 Standard
MBX-40 40 Standard
MBX-50 50 Standard
MB20X-5 5 Medium
MB20X-30 30 Medium
MB30X-5 5 High
MB30X-8 8 High
MB30X-20 20 High

n Heat decomposition properties (MBX series)


n Image of application


Hollow particles

We are developing multi-hollow particles with many holes inside.
SEM photograph of hollow particles Sectional image Sectional SEM photograph of a hollow particle

n Image of application

Particles with many holes, diffusing the light more.
Techpolymer can be used if a large amount of light diffusion or opacity is required.
SEM photograph of a conventional particle Diagram of diffusion of transmitted
light by a hollow particle
SEM photograph of a hollow particle


Submicron particles

Techpolymer can be used to satisfy requirements for particles of minute or uniform sizes, minute or uniform unevenness, or cores coated with a dry mixture.
Measuring particle sizes
SEM photographs

n Image of application

Example of particle coating (our prototype) Sectional SEM photograph of a hollow particle


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