Please read and understand "Precautions" first and go to the page of product information.
Please keep the followings in your mind for use of Techpolymer.
Data in this homepage are not standard values. The descriptions herein may be changed for improvement or modifications without notice.
Prior to use, test the product in your company to make sure that the product meet your needs.
It is not assured that the applications herein will never infringe any patent.
Before use for special use such as medical applications, test the product in your company to confirm the safety for the application.
Customers must take all the responsibility of import or export of Techpolymer products in this home page. It is advisable to check rules about import and export in the country in advance.
Please read Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for safety information on these products.

Flammables; No static electricity!!
As contact with fire may cause the product to burn, keep it away from fire. As dust explosion may occur, be careful of ignition sources such as static electricity and do not work to generate a dust cloud. If you step onto the product, you may take a slip.

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