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Displays (LCD)

"TECHPOLYMER" are used in various LCD display applications such as TV, PC and displays in automotive, etc. The characteristic spherical particles and using transparent resins contributes to diffusing light evenly and makes the display brighter and easier to view.


LED TV backlight unit structure

LED TV backlight unit structure LED TV backlight unit structure


Good light diffusion

In applications requiring high optical properties "TECHPOLYMER" increases haze with light diffusion and a minimal loss of whole light transmission.

Good light diffusivity Good light diffusivity


Able to customize/adjust particle size, refractive index, solvent resistance, etc., to achieve required optical properties of certain applications.

Customize Customize


"TECHPOLYMER" can be used in plastic applications such as additives in acryl and polycarbonate. "TECHPOLYMER" can also be used in transparent coatings on films such as PET.


  • Diffusion Films

  • Anti-Glare Films

Techpolymer product introduction video

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