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“TECHPOLYMER” is available in a wide range of products from our technology and strength in customization. We propose the most suitable solution according to the specific requirements needed. We are capable of adjusting features such as, the particle size (nano to micro), particle size distribution (polydispersed to monodispersed), particle shape (porous, hollow), refractive index, hardness, solvent resistance, heat resistance, compositing, etc., according to your requirements.

Cosmetic ingredients

Grades with residual monomers removed by advance purification processes are available for cosmetic applications. The spherical shape of the “TECHPOLYMER” can improve spreadability of foundations, create a soft-focus effect, and change the texture. Porous particles that can be used as adsorbents, and elastic particles that adds soft feel are also available.

Particle Size Control

“TECHPOLYMER” is available in the size from submicron, micron, and up to millimeter* sizes. The wide product range offers the most suitable size for your application.
* The millimeter sizes are available as a separate product called the “DUOMASTER”.

Particle Shape Configuration

We have successfully established shape configuration technology which enables the control of interior and exterior structure of the particles to develop non-spherical particles, hollow, and porous particles. Non-spherical particles are expected to obtain special optical properties from the special shapes in applications. The porous and hollow particles improve properties such as light diffusion, low permittivity, absorption. These particles are lower specific density according to the air voids within the structure.

Porous Structure


Composition Variation

Sekisui Kasei has developed various new “TECHPOLYMER” grades that offer new functions and features. We can also develop custom grades for Customer’s special needs. Please contact us to discuss your applications.

Particle Characteristic Control

“TECHPOLYMER” offers a wide range of grades with the properties controlled to suit various applications. For display applications (liquid crystal), many grades are offered by adjusting the refractive index of the particles in order to obtain the desired light diffusion effect. For paints and coatings, various grades are being used in which the hardness of the particles has been adjusted to improve the texture of the coating.

Stability Improvement

“TECHPOLYMER” grades to withstand harsher conditions with higher resistance are available.
Contributes to higher productivity and quality stability of the final product enabling a wider choice of material to use.

Functionality Improvement

Developing high functionality particles by compositing “TECHPOLYMER” with other functional materials.
Other than the functionality of the material, the following are expected from composited particles.

  • Improvement in handling

  • Improvement of dispersibility in the matrix

  • Reduction in the amount of additives

In addition, particles with the characteristics of both the “TECHPOLYMER” and the functional material can be created such as the following:

  • Anti-blocking property (“TECHPOLYMER”) and conductivity (conductive material)

  • Light diffusion (“TECHPOLYMER”) and wavelength control (wavelength control material)

  • Impact resistance (“TECHPOLYMER”) and conductivity (conductive material)

Functionality Improvement Functionality Improvement

Other Technologies

Capable of customizing our products with various technologies to offer our customers more solutions for their product development.
The following are few examples of our technologies.
Other customizations maybe available, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For Cosmetics

For cosmetic applications, we offer grades that have been highly purified to remove residual monomers. Capable of customizing our products with various technologies to meet your needs. Please contact us.

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