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Low dielectric materials

We keep developing low dielectric materials for Next-generation mobile communication systems such as 5G,6G.
Our materials can help for reducing signal transmission loss in the semiconductor and substrate.

Low dielectric materials


  • Particle size can be customized from submicro scale to micro scale.

  • This material is low dielectric constant polymer beads and the characteristics was obtained by a resin of beads or by hollow structure.

  • This material helps to increase the value on low dielectric constant of your application.

  • We can customize the surface of this polymer beads in order to improve dispersibility when mixing into your application.


Structure Average particle size(μm) Dielectric properties Heat registance(℃)
Dk Df Air N2
Solid type 4、6 Published in
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260 350
Hollowtype 0.5,4,8 280 340
(High heat registance)
4,10 330 360


  • Additive for semiconductor package or substrate

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