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Please be sure to read and understand the following "Precautions" before browsing the rest of this site and the product details it contains.


Please observe the following precautions when using "TECHPOLYMER".

  • The data presented on this website is presented for reference purposes only and is not to be treated as product specifications. The data on this website and product specifications may be changed at any time, without notice in order to improve product performance or for any other any reason.

  • When using the products always be sure to test the products at your company first to ensure they are suitable for your desired applications.
    In addition, no guarantees are provided or implied that the reference applications listed on this website do not violate or otherwise conflict with any existing patents.

  • When using the products for medical or other specialized applications, always verify the safety of the product for the relevant application before use.

  • Responsibility for import and export of the "TECHPOLYMER" products listed on this website lies with the customer. It is recommended that potential customers research the relevant import and export laws and regulations of any relevant countries before purchasing.

  • Refer to the Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for safety information on the listed products.


  • Flammable - Keep Away from Heat and Fire
    If the product is brought near fire or heat it may burn, so keep away from heat and fire.

  • Because the product is a fine powder, it also poses a risk of dust explosions. Be careful of static electricity and other ignition sources and do not allow powder clouds to form.

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