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Thermal Conductivity Control (TP-HM)


Particles controlling heat conductivity properties are under development by including materials with such properties within the internal structure of the particles.

Cross-linked Acrylic
Particle Size
Particle Size Distribution
Standard Type
3% Thermal Decomposition Temperature
Solvent Resistance
Fine particles


  1. (1) Excellent light reflectivity in the range of visible light to infrared wavelengths.
  2. (2) Good compatibility with organic binders and dispersibility into organic binders.

Developed particle example: Heat Shielding Particles

Spherical resin particles with high light reflection between the range of visible light infrared wavelengths.
Heat shielding properties in paints and coatings can be achieved when applied.

Light reflection property

Measured the light reflection properties of coatings including the heat shielding particles with a spectrophotometer. Light reflection properties were confirmed in the range of visible light to near-infrared wave lengths.

Heat shielding evaluation

To confirm the effects of light reflection properties, evaluation of measuring the temperature change with transparent coatings including particles were undertaken.

Heat shielding evaluationHeat shielding evaluation
Our measurement method

Light reflection evaluation

Transparent paint including the particles coated on a black substrate was measured with a spectrophotometer to confirm the light reflection rates.

Light reflection evaluationHeat shielding evaluation


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