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Spherical resin particles with adjusted properties or composited with functional materials which has the ability to control specific wavelength behavior.

Fine particles


  1. (1) Micron size particles.
  2. (2) Light diffusion properties along with the capability of suppressing blue light wavelengths, in addition to light diffusion.

Development Example:Blue Light Cut Particles

These particles filter out blue light.(Blue Light Filtering Particles.)
LED light sources emit relatively large amounts of blue light, and concern has been raised about the adverse effects of such light on the human eye and body.

Expected Effects

  • This new type of particle can filter out blue light, while maintaining the light diffusion properties of "TECHPOLYMER".

  • By using these particles, the percentage of blue light filtered out can be controlled at a desired percentage, up to a maximum of 60%.

  • The technology creates particles used as additives which does not contain colorants as the main element to reduce blue light.


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