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Near Infrared Cut Particles


A resin particle with near-infrared light reflection properties. The near-infrared light reflection helps prevent photoaging, and the particles also are expected to improve texture. Suitable in various cosmetic formulations such as sun screen, etc.

Fine particles


  1. (1) Excellent light reflection properties from ultraviolet rays to near-infrared rays.
  2. (2) The spherical particle shape contributes to excellent spreadability.

Characteristic Comparison

Average Particle Size (µm)

Oil Absorption (ml/100g)


Near Infrared Cut Particles







Porous Spherical

Light Reflective Property

Measured the light reflection properties of coatings including the Near Infrared Cut Particles with a spectrophotometer. Light reflection properties were confirmed in the range of ultraviolet to near-infrared wave lengths.

Light reflection characteristicsLight reflection characteristics

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