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Biodegradable Particles (BIO EF-B Series)


Biodegradable polymer particles that degrade in the soil.

Environmental pollution caused by plastics has become a major issue in recent years. From the perspective of environmental preservation, we have developed a particle which is biodegradable in natural environment.

Fine particles


  1. (1) Micro-sized particles made of biodegradable resin, which progressively decomposes in soil.
  2. (2) The BIO EF-B series in comparison to the MBX is about 1/5 of the hardness, and adds soft feel to coatings.

Data of Biodegradability

Superior biodegradability in soil compared to polylactic acid. *Measured the weight loss of the resin film in soil over time.

EF-BGrades(Biodegradability in soil)EF-B grade (Biodegradability in soil)

EF-B grade (Biodegradability in soil)


The BIO EF-B series in comparison to the MBX is about 1/5 of the hardness, and adds soft texture to coatings.


Comparisons of compressive strength for 10% deformity and recovery rate with the MBX series (MBX series benchmarked as 1.0).

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