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The softness can be adjusted by changing the resin composition. The scratch resistance of the surface is improved by abrasion absorbed effectively from the balance of the softness and recoverability of the particles. Able to propose grades that is suitable for your requirements from the lineup of four soft particle series.

Expected Effects

  • Scratch resistance.

  • Addition of texture (soft feel) to the coating surface.

  • The particle hardness is not affected easily by various conditions, and it is suitable for applications which require precision.

Comparisons of compressive strength for 10% deformity and recovery rate of each series

Particle Size DistributionParticle Size Distribution
Particle Size Distribution

Relative Compressive Strength

Particle Size Distribution

Relative Recovery rate

※ Comparisons of compressive strength for 10% deformity with the MBX series (MBX series benchmarked as 1.0)
※ For details, please refer to the Soft ParticleSeries.


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