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Particle Surface Functional Group Addition


Capable of surface modifications to meet various requirements.
With the control of the particle surface, improvements of handling and adding functionality to applications are expected.

Fine particles

Developed particle example: Dispersibility improvements in solvents

Dispersibility of resin particles with incompatible solvents are improved by adding functional groups to the particles surface.

Improvement of dispersibility in solvents

Confirmed the dispersibility of SBX-8 in MEK solvent. The developed product with the functional group surface modification has improved dispersibility in solvents compared to the SBX-8, which agglomerated in MEK.

Fine particles

Polystyrene Particles【SBX Series】

Fine particles

SBX Dispersibility Improved Product

Developed particle example: Hydrophilic particles

Dispersibility of the particles are improved by adding hydrophilic groups to the particle surface and is able to disperse well without adding dispersing agents or surfactants.

Improvement of dispersibility in water

MBX-The hydrophilic particles has good compatibility to water compared to MBX-8.

One minute after the addition of the particles into water.


Observation of the liquid after agitation with a microscope (500x).


Expected Effects

  • Good dispersion on the coating surface.

  • Smooth even appearance and texture can be obtained.

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