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Nano sized spherical polymer particles with a hollow interior.
Supplied in solvent dispersions to preserve nano-sized particles in primary particle form.

Fine particles


  1. (1) Nano-sized particles with a uniform particle size distribution can be added to materials to produce highly transparent and low refractive index coating.
  2. (2) Particles blend well with organic solvents and resin coatings due to the composition and provides excellent dispersion.
  3. (3) The NH series compared to inorganic hollow particles will add more optical properties due to the weight of the particle being lighter and concluding with more particles within the same weight concentration.
  4. (4) High affinity with the coating prevents cracking when films are bent or cut out.
  5. (5) Other than having a low refractive index, the hollow structure is expected to reduce weight, heat insulation, and permittivity properties.

Low reflection comparison

The particles applied in the coating reduced the reflection of the film due to decreasing the refractive index of the coating.
For comparison, the low reflection coated film was placed on the right side of the show case surface containing the cups.
The reflection from outside the case was low and the image of the cup is clearer. An example of this functionality is being able to see the TV clearer when a low reflection film is added to such display.


Strength comparison of the coated film

The organic binder and TP-NH had high compatibility according to the composition of the particle concluding with excellent bending resistance.



The particle size, density, type of solvent dispersion is adjustable to your requirements.

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