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Biodegradable Particles (BIO EF-A Series)


We have developed a new biodegradable particle that complies with the microbeads regulation*.
The particles biodegrade over time in water due to bacteria unlike conventional resin particles and can be alternative raw material to meet the microbeads regulation.
*ECHA Microplastic Beads Regulation Proposal

Fine particles


  1. (1) Micron sized particles composed from biodegradable resin.
  2. (2) No problems with skin sensitivity and irritation to eyes. (* Measurement in Vitro)
  3. (3) Highly degradable in water.
  4. (4) Superior light reflection compared to spherical particles and soft focus effects are expected.
  5. (5) Shows more lipophilicity than other natural alternatives.

Characteristic Comparison

Average Particle Size (µm)

Specific Surface Area (m²/g)










Evaluation of Biodegradability

High degradability in water (Degraded 60% in 28 days.)

EF-BGrades(Soil degradability)EF-BGrades(Soil degradability)

Evaluation of light reflection performance

A black reflection plate with the particles applied were measured to confirm the light reflection distribution with the incident light illuminated at -45°.
The BIO EF-A has a higher soft focus effect than standard spherical particles.


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